Every wedding is unique and special. Each couple has a different vision of how they want their special day to be. This is one in a series of stories about weddings at Wentworth Golf Club. It’s a great chance to learn what decisions couples must make, why they make them and how their vision was realized by Wentworth Golf Club’s Wedding Staff.

Feliz Wedding Wentworth Golf Club

The Freddy and Lesley Feliz Wedding

When Freddy and Lesley began their wedding journey there was only 3 weeks to the wedding day. They had no idea how they would pull this off. They found Wentworth Golf Club on Wedding Spot, and they made an appointment to meet with Annette Turer, Wedding Coordinator at Wentworth in the middle of February. The wedding was scheduled for March 9th. During that meeting they discussed their vision, budget, and food and styling requirements.

Their decision was not easy. They had a lot to do in a short time—and a very small budget.

  • Decide on Indoor Versus Outdoor Ceremony
  • Find Vendors for Photography, Music, etc.
  • Choose Rings
  • Settle On The Bridal Party
  • Put The Guest List Together
  • Decide on Food and Refreshments
  • Finalize Ceremony Details

What clinched their decision was the help they got from Wentworth’s Wedding Coordinator Annette Turer. She not only helped them plan many of the details, but her experience helped them avoid some common pitfalls that many new couples experience.

As Annette says…

I am extremely  nurturing with all my couples and treat them all as if they were my kids and family. From the minute they walk in my office until they become married I watch over them. 

As you can see from the video and the generous testimonial below, the wedding worked out just fine.

When the day was done they had this to say about their wedding experience at Wentworth Golf Club…

“We planned our special day within 3 weeks. We were able to do our dream wedding far better then what we imagine. Annette met with us every week to make sure everything was done as we wished. I couldn’t have chosen a better location… who would work within our budget and on such short notice! The food was great, the staff were friendly and I’m very greatful to Annette for making this happen. She went out her way and she is tremendously amazing!! Thank you for everything <3 God bless you!!”

Lesley Feliz

If Annette can help you with your special day, please give her a call at (727) 942-4760. She’s ready to help make your day special too.