Planning your special day is a big job. There are so many details, and if this is your first special day, then you may have no idea what needs to be done.

Take a wedding for example…

There’s choosing the food, the photographer, the styling, and so much more.

At Wentworth we do hundreds of events every year. We do over 30 weddings alone. We will work with you to execute the perfect event for your special day.

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If you are planning a wedding, here’s some helpful hints from our Wedding Staff.

15 Helpful Tips for Brides

Choose the Date – This is the most crucial step in your planning as without it, you can’t move forward with your vendor planning. Most vendors and venues book a year in advance, so sit down and finalize the date that works best for you, then you can move on to the fun stuff!

Outline a Budget – Prioritize the things that are most important to you for your special day and remember to leave reserve funds for those unexpected surprises.

Ask for Referrals – Do you have a friend or relative that just got married? Ask them for referrals for your vendors. If you don’t know someone who recently married, ask your venue for vendor referrals, chances are they will know who has done a good job in the past.

Enlist Help – It’s sometimes hard to ask our family and friends for help, but it’s crucial in planning a wedding. You’d be surprised at what your loved ones can “take off your plate” in the planning of your special day.

Book in Advance – Try to lock down your venue and vendors as soon as possible. As stated before, wedding venues, caterers, photographers, djs, etc tend to have bookings more than a year out, so the earlier you can make your decision, the better.

Have a Back-up Plan – We all know that Mother Nature can have a mind of her own. If your ceremony is planned to be outside, make sure you have a covered option as a back- up plan.

Beautiful As Is – If decorating is not your thing, choose a venue that is beautiful as is, and doesn’t need much to dress it up, this will keep decorating to a minimum and take the pressure off of you.

Plan Activities – If you have plenty of out of town guests for your special day, plan a few pre-wedding activities for them, possibly highlighting your favorite things to do in the area; maybe a family day at a park, or a gathering at a favorite local restaurant.

Save the Drama – If you have guests coming that you know live for drama, remind them to put their issues aside for your special day. The calmer and happier your guests are, the less stressed you’ll be!

Block Rooms – Find a comfortable hotel near your reception venue and make sure to block an appropriate amount of rooms for your out of town guests. This detail can very easily be overlooked, creating last minute havoc when people are scrambling for a place to stay.

Pinterest – This wonderful website can be your best friend for you Do It Yourself brides, chances are you can find an example of your ideas just by doing a little online search. Don’t be afraid of borrowing an idea you like, and putting your own touch on it.

Wedding Music – Don’t choose wedding music that will make you cry. Certain songs can induce a flood of emotions- avoiding these will keep your cheeks free of mascara.

Make-up – Strive to keep your wedding day look an improved version of you, not someone else. Your husband wants to marry you, not a stranger.

Relax – The day of your wedding, wake up, take a deep breath and know that worrying will only stress you out. If you enjoy yourself, your guests will too!